4 Time-saving tips for perfectly-grilled chicken breast

Posted by Janie Fielder on

Grilling is a great way to break out of a boring dinner rut, and chicken breast is everyone's favorite go-to! Here are a few time-saving tips for grilling chicken breast perfectly.

4 Time-Saving Tips for Perfectly-Grilled Chicken Breast | GrillingBox.com

1. Get that grill hot. Don't rush things by putting your bird on a semi-hot grill. Wait until the grill is super hot and lay the meat carefully on the rack. (For a charcoal grill, after you heat the grill and put the chicken on, add wood chunks to the coals for a nice, slow burn.)

2. Let it be! This is, by far, the biggest misstep of rookie grillmasters. After you put the chicken on the grill, leave it alone for at least 15 minutes. Practice your patience, pour an adult beverage and wait for those perfect grill marks to develop.

3. Don't overcook! Cut your thickest piece in half, and as soon as there's no pink, take all your birds off the grill. We like to see white meat, with clear juices, before we serve. A lot of times, amateur grillers want to make sure the chicken's thoroughly cooked, but end up overcooking it, making it dry and tough.

4. Protect the juices! After you take it off the grill, don't cut up the chicken for 5 to 7 minutes. If you do, you'll lose all those tasty juices.

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